The central position of the B&B allows you to easily reach on foot the most important public buildings and city sites of greatest architectural, historical and cultural interest: the Piazza Duomo, with the monumental cathedral of S.Agata (patron saint of the city), the sumptuous palaces aristocrats of the eighteenth century, the imposing statue of Liotru (elephant) official symbol of Catania, the sculptural fountain of the Amenano , better known as the “water in linzolu ” because the water that comes out of it, drawn from the underground river of the same name , takes on the appearance of a large ” linzolu ” (sheet); the majestic Ursino Castle , a typical Norman fortification from the Middle Ages, with towers and moat, once close to the sea, but which the 1669 eruption surrounded by lava, considerably distancing the shore; the numerous churches overlooking Via Etnea and the nearby streets, especially in the monumental Via Crociferi, a rare example of architectural unity; the fascinating archaeological sites of Piazza Stesicoro and Via Teatro Greco; the artistic Teatro Massimo Bellini and the enchanting Giardino Bellini, both dedicated to the great Catania musician Vincenzo Bellini, called “the swan” for the elegance and delicacy of his musical style (his statue is in Piazza Stesicoro , while in his birthplace in Piazza S.Francesco , near Via Crociferi, there is the Museum dedicated to him); and many others.

Also noteworthy are the ancient pastry shops of Via Etnea (some, perhaps the most renowned, in front of the main entrance of the Bellini Garden, right at the end of Via Umberto) with their tasty typical local specialties (sculptures of martorana fruit , almond, ricotta cannoli, Sicilian cassate, granita, etc.), and the numerous pubs , piano bars and meeting places that animate the historic center from evening to night, making Catania one of the most lively European cities in terms of nightlife.
From the balconies of the rooms you can also attend, on February 4th (in the midst of the celebrations dedicated to the patroness of the city), the spectacular procession of the Fercolo of the ” Santuzza ” Agata that that day runs right along the Via Umberto, hand-drawn by hundreds of faithful and preceded by the characteristic candlesticks, gigantic and precious sculpted and highly decorated wooden candelabra (so as to make them rise to real works of art), heavily ruled on the shoulder by the folkloric “bearers” who, with their typical ” watered down ” ( particular wave movement), they try to show off the various ornaments well.

Almost contiguous to the B&B PICONE there is also the largest and oldest Catania market, “in Fera ‘o Luni ” (“the Monday Fair”), so called because it was once held only on that day, while today it is active all week, then on Sunday to become a typical second-hand and antiques market. Another historical market is “‘a piscaria ” (the fish market), between the Piazza Duomo and the old city walls.

Of course, do not overlook the possibility of an excursion on Mount ETNA, the highest active volcano in Europe, reachable in about 30 minutes by car.